Chef Equipments

Important Items that every Aspiring Chef Must Have

kitchen Those who have went to culinary school quickly learn that being a chef is far different than being an ordinary individual cooking at home. Those who cook food professionally will readily tell you that preparing meals is part art and part science. With that being said, there are a number of tools that each and every professional chef must have in their arsenal. If you are a chef (or even an at home cook who wants to perfect your skill) there are a number of materials available that are considered must-haves for all chefs to have such as beverage equipment. If you are looking to improve your culinary cooking skills, then consider these items:

1. A chef’s knife

The first item you will need if you are an aspiring chef would be a really good chef’s knife. As a chef, you will own a lot of knives, but the most important one will be the chef’s knife because that is the one that you will use the most. You should expect to pay around $100 for this knife, because this is a good tool to let the knife do the work. That is an important skill for every aspiring chef to learn.

2. A knife honer

The next step is to make sure that you provide the proper care and maintenance to your chef’s knife. One of the ways to do this is to take proper care it, so avoid cutting on glass, porcelain, frozen solid or any other hard surfaces that might damage or chip the edge of the blade. Furthermore, it is important to keep the knife sharp and aligned well. Learning to use a honer is crucial to the proper care of your chef’s knife.

3. A chef cutting board

A heavy duty cutting board is also an important thing to consider. The best cutting board will be environmentally friendly and made of antibacterial bamboo materials. A cutting board is important because your cuts and knife skills must be uniform. A fine dice of celery, carrots, onion or other vegetables must not only be done well, but they must be roughly about the same size.

4. Kitchen scales

Professional chefs know that proper culinary excellence begins and ends with precision. Therefore, they know that they need to invest in a good kitchen scale. Measurements are crucial in the restaurant industry because the main goal is to get the same finished results each and every time. If you are going to follow a recipe effectively, then you need to measure everything by weight. Thus, a good heavy-duty kitchen scale is very important.

5. Instant read thermometer

food thermometerIt is important to know the internal temperature of your food not only for food safety but also to tell when something is done. An effective thermometer will be able to tell you at what stage your food item is effectively, especially if you are cooking steaks.

These and many other items are important for an aspiring chef’s kitchen. Of course, some other items you might consider would include prep bowls, an all-clad frying pan, a wooden spoon and locking tongs.